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Optional Visits



Abu simbel by bus 

Road tour to the Temples Abu Simbel, the most amazing and beautiful construction of Egyptian history, built order of Ramses II the Great, and which can also admire a temple dedicated to his wife less Nefertari. (Duration approx. 9 h).

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Abu simbel in plane


Visit plane to Abu Simbel Temples. (Duration approx. 9 h).


Memphis and Sakkara 

Visit the Memphis necropolis and Sakkara, where you can see one of the few Pyramids staggered. (Duration approx. 4 h).


Full day in Cairo 

Full day tour with lunch to Cairo, including: Egyptian Art Museum, the Fortress of Saladin with the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali and the Bazaar Khan el Khalili (Duration approx. 8 hours) 


Typical dinner in Cairo 

Dinner at a local restaurant and visit the city of dead, the tomb of the unknown soldier and the Bazaar Khan el Khalili with Fishawy coffee drinks. (Duration approx. 2.5 h).


Dinner show in Cairo 

Dinner in a typical Egyptian food restaurant with show (Duration approx. 2.5 h). 


Giza Pyramids Sound and Light 

Magnificent spectacle light and sound Pyramids in Giza, one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World (Duration approx. 3 h).




Philae Temple Sound and Light 

Magnificent and light show sound in the Philae Temple, located on the island and dedicated Egikilia the Goddess Isis (Duration approx. 3 h).



Minimum 4 pax. Departure by road for visiting City of Alexandria located on the Mediterranean, which includes: The Citadel, the Catacombs, Bombey Column and Palace Gardens Montazah. Lunch included. (Duration approx. 9 h).


Visit Dendera 

Departure to Dendera to visit the Temple of Hathour, built in the Ptolemaic period (Duration approx. 5 h).


Visit Dendera and Abydos 

Typical lunch picnic included. Departure to Abydos to visit the Temple of Seti I, where the famous Real table with the names of 76 pharaohs. Departure to Dendera to visit Hathour Temple, built in Ptolemaic period (Duration approx. 9 h).




Nubian village 

Visit with speedboat through Elephantine Island, until reach a Nubian village where can see your style life and customs. Possibility bathing in the river Nile (Duration approx. 3 h).



4x4 Safari in Hurghada 

Departure by 4x4 through the desert (Duration approx. 3 h).



Hurghada submarine  

Out to snorkel in the crystal clear Red Sea, where you can admire the wonderful reefs coral. (Duration approx. 3 h).



Sharm el Sheikh submarine

Out to snorkel in the clear waters of the Red Sea, where Admire the wonderful reefs coral. (Duration approx. 3 h).


Mount Sinai and st. catherine  monastery

Out to make the ascent to Mount Sinai, where Table Moses received the Ten Commandments. In the Sunrise down and visit the Monastery of Santa Catalina. (Duration approx. 16 h).







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